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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If New York Is Doing It, Something Must Be Right!

All of us want to know what the next move is in real estate. I look anxiously each day to hear and see what the Fed may be whispering, and second-guessing what Ben Bernanke may be thinking. This small group of people shape our great economy in the U.S. This information can make or break my day. When Alan Greenspan wants to go on prime time TV to float his new biography, the world still listens intently to what his opinion is. More often than not, Greenspan's spoken phrases have a profound effect on what the markets will do over he next several weeks.

And what a market year this has been. I am a true believer in the "Next Wave" of information to the public when it comes to real estate investing, buying and selling. I want to make my reading audience and my clients smarter. What I mean specifically, is that the MORE INFORMATION you share with the public, the greater the payback. I am a professional in the Real Estate industry, and also an investor, and I live by this credo: share the information, increase your wealth. The more I share with my clients, the more money they realize and the more income I make. That is what investing is all about.

And that is why we are all here on this site reading the latest tips and information. Take a look at what New York is doing. The last great hold out of the Multiple Listing Service has finally succumbed to the New Technology. For years, agents have had a strangle-hold on the NY residential market with their exclusive listings, charging buyers and sellers a fortune to transact real estate in New York. No longer is this true. This should be a call to action for teh rest of us nationwide - those who ar not afraid to share their information, multiply their success a hubdred-fold! Click here to read the full article

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